Monday, August 3, 2009

extremely yummy pretzels

Hey, Momo here.

I just got back from Camp Keola, and I was thinking of the chocolate pretzels we had one night for a snack. Boy, were those good! So, I thought, "Man I wish I had some of those pretzels." Then I figured that I could make them. I mean, how hard could it be? So I went in the kitchen and got out the:
  1. about four cups of pretzels
  2. a cup or so of chocolate chips
  3. a large plastic container with lid
  4. a few tablespoons of powered sugar (I figured it would be yummy to add)
  5. double-boiler
I put a few (about 10) pretzels in the bottom of the plastic container and began to melt the chocolate chips in the double-boiler. Once the chocolate was melted and smooth I poured some on the pretzels and then sifted in some powdered sugar. Then I put the lid on the container and shook it up.

I slowly used up all the chocolate and pretzels, one layer at a time. After that, I put them on a plate and ate them to my heart's content. I went for a run soon after, and when I got home, half of them were gone.

This is definitely something you will want to try. It was easy and there were no measuring cups or spoons, so there was easy clean-up. Best of all, they were extremely yummy.